Starting the New Year Right – Inside Gretchen’s Head

steve_smHappy New Year, everyone! I’m not gone for good, just swamped… and technological issues have fallen pretty far down on the list.

Of the two issues I was suffering with, I’ve just fixed the problems with IE that I’ve been having. *whew*, to say the least. Me not being able to access Hotmail and Steve not being able to access eBay from this computer was definitely getting on the frustrating side.

Now, to address one that you’re all painfully aware of… blog comment spam. Ugh. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad now that the only spam that comes to this address is the blog comment kind. Bear with me as I try to find a solution for that, as it will make me less depressed to look at the blog once it’s cleaned up.

So let’s all start the new year off right… may it be a happy, prosperous, and joy-filled year for us all!

The Perfect Evening

Combine the following for a fantastic dinner experience:


  • Garden-fresh tomatoes with dressing
  • Emilio’s Italian bread with garlic/parsley/rosemary olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping
  • Baked potatoes
  • Sirloin steak with cognac-mustard sauce
  • Key lime pie (oh baby) courtesy of Marie Calender (and Oreos for the non-believers)
  • A hungry, grateful dinner companion
  • A begging doggie
  • Cool breeze blowing
  • Candlelight
  • Gershwin on the stereo

I’m thankful for a lot of things, but tonight I’m especially thankful to be reminded of how much I love entertaining. I can’t wait for the holidays!




Top 10 Ways To Maintain The Fishing Spool – Tips & Tricks

It truly is so easy to place the blame on somebody else. A minimum of it shifts the focus from your negligence and carelessness. Once you had gone out fishing the last time you had to return residence quickly, as your preferred spinning reel was not functioning and you had noticed until you were planning to wet your line. You came back home all grumpy and cursed the maker for not having given you a product worth its monetary value.

Introduction on Various Fishing Tackles

History-of-FishingA easy upkeep procedure of your fishing tackles could save you lots of income and undesirable mood. It enhances the longevity of your valuable tackles. How Lengthy Your Fishing Rods Will Survive, how effectively it’s going to perform, all is dependent upon how often do you break them down and go for a suitable upkeep routine. You’ll find some basic maintenance measures and in the event you follow them, it ought to be enough to create your reels last longer.

Very first and foremost you need a nicely lit function location. If you are arranging to operate on a table, make certain that you cover the edges having a cloth functioning as a boundary wall. These fishing tackles have some extremely tiny screws and also you are going to have a hard time hunting for them if they come about to fall off.

You’ll need screwdrivers, pliers, reel oil, a soft toothbrush, a clean rag, grease, tiny plastic container with lid to help keep all the miniature screws, reel schematic diagram, plus a knife.

  1. Initial clean the spool shaft, and add a couple of drops of reel oil. To make sure that the reel shaft is tight adequate, verify the nut in the bottom from the reel. You’ll see a roller guide that wraps the line about the reel pool.
  2. You’ll need to oil the region where the bail spring meets the reel spool housing. Also add oil around the deal with knob shaft and also the shaft that fits inside the reel. Take off the side plate to reach the guts in the reel.
  3. In the event you can try taking out the main bearing and rub alcohol, kerosene, will assist dissolve the oil and grease. Take the old toothbrush and clean the teeth of the principal gear.


Now put the reel back with each other together with the support from the diagram you’ve. Wipe it down using a clean cloth and you have just maintained your fishing tackle and ensured its workability. The spinning reels take a great deal of abuse and they deserve to be taken care of. Preserving your fishing reel may also relieve you on the nagging be concerned about the health of the finest fishing reels whenever you truly desire to concentrate on the trout or modest bass.

6 Tips To Improve Your Relationship

Everyone wants to have a healthy relationship with a perfect match . There are always ways to improve the relationship one is to consider your ” me time ” as much as ” us time .” But this is one of the mistakes that people tend to do. Forget about ” me time ” in their relationship. When you have a good relationship , you will need to maintain and have time to yourself is as important as having a time with your partner .

Although it may seem strange, it takes time for yourself can help improve your relationship with your partner . Some people spend a lot of time with your partner who feels lost and alone when they are left alone for a period of time . And this is not healthy . It is a common problem among couples and it can happen if they are still in the honeymoon period of a relationship or were together for years and think about what men secretly want .

The presence of the element of time , ” I” is one of the best ways to improve your relationship , it also allows you to feed yourself and have more to give your partner when together . This helps to improve the overall relationship if you give the best to your partner when it’s time to be a couple .

  1. The first of our ways to help improve your relationship with your ” me time ” to check this film I always wanted to see, but not your partner does not care . Do not deny yourself something you want to do just because your partner does not want to .
  2. Spend some time in reading this book you’ve been waiting to read . Quiet time at home enjoying a good book without interruption can be activated when you meet your partner again.
  3. 3 . Visit your family . Spending time with your family is one of the ways to improve the relationship and keep it strong. We often forget our own family in favor of new love.
  4. 4. Go out with your friends . Spending time with friends is in fact one of the ways to make the relationship better because it allows you to be yourself without having to worry about how you’re coming through another person . If your partner gets very jealous if you go out with your friends , you may want to reconsider whether it is having a Healthy Relationship¬† |
  5. 5 . Play sports or make your favorite hobby . If you are a golfer and your partner is not , there is no reason you should not take a day to play their favorite hobby . Enjoy a friendly match with someone or just playing the game alone. If you like to sew , spend a day doing it . The fact that your partner boring , does not mean you can not know what your men want secretly.
  6. 6 . Go shopping . You can go shopping and get something for yourself. If you wish , you can find something to your partner. One of the best ways to make a better relationship is when you see your partner that you’re thinking of them when they were not around.

To help improve your relationship , you need the “I” as much as “we” time. Make sure that you have a healthy amount of both in their relationship. And when your partner starts to find his ” me time ” allows the flexibility needed to reconnect with your very own soul , and you will soon see how these are ways to improve your long-term relationship .